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Art of Threes - Measuring Tape by concept2 Art of Threes - Measuring Tape by concept2

Note: This is a previously submitted photo trilogy of mine. If you have already seen and commented on that one, do not in any way feel required to do so again on this. I am submitting this strictly for the "Art of Threes" contest

Now, with that out of the way, I'd like to write a little about this piece. I feel that it is more than appropriate for the theme of this contest, both because it is a trilogy of photos (which have all been tinted green for deviantart purposes), and because of the meaning behind it.

In a way, all of the numbers on the tape measures symbolically reflect the amount of deviations submitted to this site (and all of the new members and features etc), which is continuously growing and expanding every second.

DAv3 is a new milestone for deviantart, and it also brings many thousands (if not millions) more submissions and members to this site. Hopefully my entry to this contest can attempt tosummarize and/or reflect the vastness of this site.

I wish DAv3 well and good luck!

Happy Birthday DA!!

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flyindreams Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2006  Hobbyist
Terrific concept! :)
buggaboo Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2003   Photographer
wow, this is so well done!! i saw that someone put your 'lucky numbers' on their favorites, and had to stop by to comment on that one, but when i saw this one, i changed my mind. in general, i think that the composition of all of your pictures is really unique, and i like it a lot. i like how you have a very specific style, but it doesnt limit you. anywho...i think thats it. keep up the good work. (: latergator
ed0 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2003
nice - good job, nice and clear. keep it up!
duveth Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2003
LIke it so much
sidetracked Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
I love the tint... very subtle, yet adds a lot to the picture... new value and form (or whatever...) lol

Amazing as always

milosofish Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2003
yes it's a beautiful piece
and i really like the slight grain, and yes the green tint you've added
and the different units of measurments, and like someone said the small dof, which complements the grain
yuorme Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2003   Photographer
wow... this is definitely one of the best pieces in your gallery. i like this piece better than the original because of the greenish tinge. I really like the idea behind the picture and thank u for explaining it because i never would have gotten it if you hadnt. The only thing that i can even begin to complain about is the shallow DOF in the second shot, maybe you should increase it to f8 or so to bring out the details in the background and give greater emphasis to the length of the tape. Enough blabbering, this is a great concept thats very well executed, so here's a well deserved +fav for you :) (Smile)
tripleeight Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2003
wow, amazing.. this is one of those pics that makes me think "ohh.. wish I'd thought of that" =p (Razz)

shm84gfx Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good shot.. nice idea ;) (Wink)
wiedenu Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2003
Very cool! Thought about doing this kind of shot - but never would have gotten these results! Great pictures!

p.s. thanks for the comment on Dillinger Was Here !
strwberryfire Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2003   Writer
wow - very cool. i hope you win!

the green is a nice touch as well - and i like the way you set this up

by the way - i love you (really!) for commenting on my photograph of the city.. i usually do poetry and i havent gotten the best feedback from my photos so to get such a nice comment was wonderful.
blucorner Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2003
it's great that you didn't make it b&w picture, i think color makes it really stand out. +fav

:-) (Smile)
deca3001 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2003   Photographer
very good concept and you pulled it off masterfully. hope they pick this one. +fav
JuliaDunin Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2003  Professional Photographer
great work !
pixelurge Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2003
Good idea and photography.
malakaiii Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2003
Simple object, creatively placed. I likey!

Best of luck to you!
quozzel Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2003  Student
Cool idea, and very good captured
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July 12, 2003
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